Will you clean green in 2016?

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We’re thrilled to announce a new charity campaign for next year, encouraging consumers to be greener around the home in 2016.

Our new ‘Cleangreen16′ campaign will raise money for The Wildlife Trusts. There are 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK whose goal is the recovery of nature on land and at sea. For every order of Bio-D products placed online through www.biodegradable.biz in 2016, Bio-D will donate 50 pence to The Wildlife Trusts.

The overall donation will benefit Wildlife Trusts based across the UK, including Yorkshire Wildlife Trust which encompasses the city of Hull, home to Bio-D and Pearson Park Wildlife Garden, a popular and invaluable urban nature reserve.

Lloyd Atkin, Managing Director, Bio-D said: “It’s that time of year when we all make resolutions and think about things we want to do differently – it feels like a good time to consider whether we’re all ‘doing our bit’ at home and about the impact of everyday household products on the environment.

“Bio-D hopes to incentivise customers to get ‘cleaner and greener’ by making a donation on every online purchase in 2016 to The Wildlife Trusts – a fantastic organisation making a huge difference across the UK. We’re very pleased to be working with them on our ‘cleangreen16’ initiative this year.”

Janel Fone, Director of Marketing and Development for The Wildlife Trusts, said: “Bio-D gives consumers the choice to be the very best they can be for wildlife in their purchasing decisions.  We’re delighted to be working with them on this initiative which will help us to protect the places that are so important to people.”

Jonathan Leadley, Director of Development for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, said:  “The impact of cleaning chemicals can be catastrophic in the marine environment and also our rivers and wetlands. It is great to work with a company that shares our vision for a healthier environment and a more wildlife-rich future.”

All Bio-D products – from washing up liquid and laundry liquid to furniture polish and all-purpose surface cleaner – are made in the UK from sustainable, naturally-derived raw materials and are free from synthetic chemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes and synthetic perfumes.  They are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for sensitive skin, and are Cruelty Free International and Vegan Society approved. All packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

Follow the #cleangreen16 campaign on Bio-D social media (Twitter: @thebiodcompany / Facebook: The Bio-D Company Ltd.)

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