What is Limonene and is it used in Bio-D products?

You may have heard of the chemical limonene.

Some of our products contain a small amount of citrus-based, natural essential oils – orange, lime, eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit and lemon – which each contain naturally-occurring limonene.

The amount of limonene that occurs in our products is minimal, and not enough to be transformed into respiratory irritants or harmful chemicals.

We are proud to produce the UK’s only 100% hypoallergenic range of household detergents, which gets the seal of approval from our customers who suffer from allergies.

“I’m a vegan with eczema, and my previous brand of laundry liquid that didn’t upset my skin was non vegan, which I hated. Other natural brands I was allergic to, or they just didn’t work. Your Laundry Liquid is great, and the Lavender Fabric Conditioner smells amazing. Best of all, within a week of using your Geranium Hand Wash, my hands are no longer dry and cracked and sore.” Bryony Large

 “Your Laundry Liquid is literally the only product on the market which actually gets clothes clean, without upsetting my daughter’s eczema and my son’s asthma. The Glass and Mirror Cleaner is the only one we’ve ever found which gets windows and mirrors clean without upsetting my son and daughter’s breathing, we use it on the car windscreen as well as in the house.” Jan Loxley Blount

Did you know next week (25th April -1st May) is Allergy Awareness Week? Our fragrance free laundry products are accredited by Allergy UK; find out more about their Allergy Awareness Week activity here.

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