Tips for an Autumn Clean!

Autumn_1405605211October feels like the perfect time for a refresh of the home and to get everything in order for the cold months ahead. Here are our steps for a good autumn clean:

Clean your windows

It’s not always a job at the top of the priority list, but thankfully Bio-D Glass and Mirror Cleaner makes light work of giving windows the wow factor. Tip: don’t use newspaper to clean windows! Newspaper ink usually has a latex base that will leave smear marks.

Re-order furniture

You may want to move furniture around post-summer to block any air passages and minimise drafts, ready for the cold weather. Give furniture and shelves a spray with Bio-D Furniture Polish, and get rid of any books and clutter you don’t need by donating to charity.

Organise your wardrobes

Pack away summer clothes if you’re short on room, and be ruthless with throwing out anything that’s been unworn for a long time. (Yes including that one item you just know you’ll squeeze into again, even though the fashion police have had a warrant out for it since the 80s.) Freshen up clothes and bedding that have been stored for a while with Fabric Conditioner.

Throw out old food, medicines and bathroom products

Clear out kitchen and bathroom cupboards, checking sell-by dates on old products and throwing out anything you don’t use. Give cupboards a spray with All-purpose Sanitiser and keep bins germ-free with Home and Garden Sanitiser (formerly Disinfectant).

Don’t forget the garden

Say goodbye to the garden for another summer (sob!) by cleaning any outdoor furniture, decking, drains and guttering – our Home and Garden Sanitiser is great for this too. You’ll be back outside again before you know it!

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