Our Vegan Week Roundup

Lloyd's Caponata and home made bread

Lloyd’s Caponata and home made bread

As our week long vegan pledge draws to a close, we reflect on our experiences of going from meat eaters to vegans…..

On the whole, we all feel better for the experience and concluded that we will all include more vegetarian meals in our cooking repertoire going forward.

Our favourite meals

Lloyd – Caponata (aubergine stew) with capers, olives, tomatoes, onion, garlic, oregano and parsley, cooked in herbed white wine vinegar and topped with toasted almonds and served with bread made with flour and cold pressed rapeseed oil from Yorkshire (by my own fair hand!)

Sara – Vegetable stir fry hotted up with some of my own home grown red chillies!!

Tracey – Thai vegetable curry

Highlights of the week

Lloyd – The  Booja Booja chocolates that were very kindly sent to us by Ben Williamson of PETA with the following note;

We were delighted to read that you and your team have adopted a compassionate vegan diet this week.  I hope everyone is enjoying the health benefits and energy boost.

Here is a little token of our appreciation and to help with the office snacking problem.

Sara – I was delighted to be served a wonderful three course meal comprising melons and fruit to start, vegetable wellington and strawberries and kiwi fruit for pudding when I attended a function at Beverley Racecourse!

Tracey – I rediscovered my love of homemade soup, especially tomato, chickpea and cumin.  I also slept better than I have in months!

The hard bits 

Lloyd – I felt very tired and really missed a white coffee!

Sara – I felt quite hungry and cooking different things for weekend visitors was challenging

Tracey – I felt very tired, had bad headaches (caffeine detox I suspect, so I have pledged to reduce my caffeine intake) and craved cheese!

Overall, it was a very interesting experience and we all enjoyed eating much more healthily, having less processed food and even losing a few pounds!

Thanks to everybody who supported us throughout our ‘vegan week’ and thanks to The Hull Daily Mail for this article that they featured.

Lloyd, Sara and Tracey


Sara and Lloyd are in the news for World Vegan Month pledge

As you may be aware from our recent newsletter, Lloyd, Tracey (our PR consultant) and me have taken a pledge to eat a vegan diet this week.  As meat eaters, we have found the straight swap to veganism has presented a few challenges, but on the whole, we’re enjoying healthy, wholesome meals and are all feeling better for it.

Yesterday, the Hull Daily Mail (you’ll be hearing much more about Hull in the future since it was awarded City of Culture 2017 today) published a great article about what we’re doing. Click on the image below to read the story and please keep us posted with your favourite vegan recipes – at the moment Tracey’s favourite is tomato, cumin and chickpea soup, Lloyd’s is mushroom and chickpea curry from the Vegan Society website and mine is stir fried vegetables in olive oil, with cashew nuts and a vegan cheese.


Lloyd Atkin and Sara Holtby Hull Mail 191113

Bio-D supports World Vegan Month with a staff pledge

Lloyd Atkin, Sara Holtby and Tracey Baty prepare to make their Vegan pledge rDirectors at Hull based ethical products manufacturer are showing their allegiance to the Vegan Society by pledging to follow a vegan diet for a week during World Vegan Month.

Between 18th and 24th November, Bio-D’s Chairman Sara Holtby, Managing Director Lloyd Atkin and PR consultant Tracey Baty will forgo meat, fish, eggs and dairy products in support of their vegan friends and customers.

Sara Holtby explained the background to the project; “Bio D is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of Vegan Society registered, environmentally responsible and ethically sound cleaning products and we like to support charities with similar values to ours.

“None of our products contain animal by-products or have ever been tested on animals and we’re proud to have been registered by the Vegan Society for over 15 years. The Vegan Society Trademark reinforces our high welfare and ethical standards and reassures our customers that, not only do our products not cost the earth, but they don’t endanger any of the animals that we share it with.”

Samantha Calvert from the Vegan Society said; “We’re very grateful that Sara, Lloyd and Tracey are helping us to raise awareness of the benefits of veganism by trying some delicious and nutritious vegan food.”

You can follow the team’s progress on the Bio-D blog, on twitter @thebiodcompany and on facebook www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bio-D-Company-Ltd.

World Vegan Month starts with World Vegan Day on 1 November to celebrate the founding of the world’s first Vegan Society on that day in November 1944. The word ‘vegan’ was chosen by founder Donald Watson and his ‘non-dairy vegetarians’ to describe their diet.  Watson took the first and last two letters of ‘vegetarian’ to create this new word. World Vegan Month is organised by the Vegan Society and its aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and encourage them to try some delicious and nutritious vegan food.

In celebration of World Vegan Month, Bio-D is offering 20% off any online order* over £20.  Simply visit www.biodegradable.biz and enter code VEG10PC at the checkout. *Offer available in UK, including Northern Ireland, only.