An interview with a Hull based eco commercial cleaning company

1why-usIn the first of an occasional series, we get the inside track on some of our customers. Hull based eco commercial cleaning company, Lemonclean is the first to go and the questions were answered by Founder and Managing Director, Vicky Doyle.

How long has Lemonclean been established?

Lemonclean has been established for five and a half years.

 Why did you set up Lemonclean?

I was looking for a business opportunity within the cleaning sector, but was undecided what direction I wanted to take, until I met Lloyd from Bio-D at the Hull Food Festival in 2009 and there was a lightbulb moment – my business would specialise in eco cleaning for businesses.

How many people work for Lemonclean?

We now employ 50 staff

How long have you been using Bio-D products?

Since the day that I started the business.  I love the fact that I can pop in to the factory, pick up my order and drop it off at cleaning sites on my way back to the office.

How did you hear about Bio-D in the first place?

Hull Food Festival

How far afield do you operate?

We operate throughout East Yorkshire, North East Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire

What do you like about Bio-D as a company?

I am passionate about their products and I love the people and the business ethos.  Environmental responsibility runs right through my business, from the recycled toilet rolls to the upcycled office furniture, so there is a great synergy between Lemonclean and Bio-D.

What do you like about Bio-D products?

The smell of the products takes me right back to those difficult days when I was establishing my business and reminds me how far I’ve come – you could say that Bio-D reminds me of the smell of success! I also like the fact that all of their products are effective, yet safe for me and my staff to use and help me to market Lemonclean as an environmentally friendly business that uses safe, luxury products.

What’s your favourite Bio-D product?

The Multi-surface sanitiser – I just love the smell of the orange oil and it cuts through grease brilliantly.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’m very proud to say that I have never advertised and my client list inlcudes big names like Rix, Sewells, Jordans and Humberside Airport because we offer high standards of staff and excellent cleaning products.  Corporate Social Responsibility is high on many businesses’ agendas these days and Bio-D helps me to satisfy their CSR needs in terms of commercial cleaning.

If you would like to know any more about Lemonclean, please visit