Another satisfied customer

We’re delighted to share the contents of a letter from Christine in Glasgow with you;

“Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to thank you for your lovely range of products, some of which I use at home (the washing up liquid, washing powder and toilet cleaner) and at my cleaning job at St. Silas Church where I use the polish and even the nappy fresh sanitizer!

I really enjoy using eco-friendly products as they have a clean, fresh smell as opposed to an artificial and strong perfumed smell…. To go back to what I use in church, I buy the polish in bulk and it is great for the lovely polished surfaces that look really polished using your product.  We spray on the polish and wipe with one duster and buff with another.  The buffing with a fresh duster makes a big difference.  The wooden surfaces, window sills, tables, communion tables are very old.. so a caring, gentle product is important for use on them.

The nappy fresh sanitizer, I make up a solution in a squirty bottle and use that to freshen the nappy bins! Ah, so that’s what she uses it for, I hear you say!

So thank you again for your lovely products.  I try to use ethical products where possible in the church and we also recycle where possible.  We even have compost bins which the flowers love!

Thanks again and God bless


If anyone else got a handy hint like using a fresh cloth to buff the polish, we’d love to hear from you

Sara and Lloyd