We don’t know where we’d be without Bio-D!

We’re delighted to share a letter from another satisfied customer, Jan Loxley Blount from London. ¬†We have taken the liberty of highlighting key comments. ¬†Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback too….

Environmentally friendly laundry liquid from Bio-D

“We are an allergic family and use Bio D products all the time and would love to review and recommend them to others.
The disinfectant not only cleans floors and keeps cleaning cloths smelling sweet, but is great at discouraging flying insects.
The clothes washing liquid is literally the only product on the market which actually gets clothes clean, without upsetting my daughter’s eczema and my son’s asthma. Before we found Bio D we were double washing to remove traces of detergents which upset us – so Bio D is great for our economics and the environment as it reduces our electricity and water use. Unlike the market leader it dissolves fully and therefore doesn’t leave mouldy residues in the washing machine. We keep supplies at my mother’s house as well as at home and have taken it to France and Spain in our caravan. Recently

Environmentally friendly washing up liquid from Bio-D

we even took a small bottle in a suitcase to Crete and eked it out for handwashing clothes which we dried on our balcony in the sun.
The washing up liquid works well especially on pasta andother starchy foods which some liquids won’t remove. It neither dries out our hands nor makes us sneeze.
The window and mirror spray is the only one we’ve ever found which gets windows and mirrors clean without upsetting my son and daughter’s breathing, we use it on the car windscreen as well as in the house.
We don’t know where we would be without Bio D!”

Many thanks, Jan

Sara and Lloyd