Please help us to win the VegFestUK award for best vegan household product

Here at Bio-D HQ, we’re passionate about bringing you ethically sound, environmentally responsible and hypoallergenic laundry and household cleaning products, so we’re naturally delighted when our enthusiasm is shared by other people.  This week, we were thrilled to learn that the lovely people at VegFestUK, Europe’s biggest veggie event, have nominated Bio-D Washing Up Liquid for their Best Vegan Household Product award and now we’re asking for your support.  If you’d like to show your passion for our UK made, environmentally responsible detergent that’s tough on grease but gentle on skin, please visit the VegFestUK website and vote for us.  DID YOU KNOW that domestic pollution causes more damage to the environment than industrial pollution?  An example of this is the use of phosphates in detergents – they are regularly used as a water softening agent, but they are difficult to remove from the sewerage system and can stimulate excessive algae growth that eventually starves water courses of the oxygen that sustains fish and plant life.  Needless to say, Bio-D products always have been phosphate free. Please remember to vote for us – you have nothing to lose, but the earth has everything to gain.  Thank you.


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