Last-minute eco Christmas tips!

biodxmas3 (2)With just a week to go, we’re getting excited for the arrival of friends, family and big Father C himself. Here are a few easy tips that we’ll be following over the coming days for a lovely green Christmas…

  • Run out of wrapping paper? Before you hotfoot down to the shops for more, consider wrapping gifts in fabric or in keepsake containers that won’t be thrown away as soon as the present inside is revealed
  • Keep an eye on electricals left on throughout the holiday season – tree lights should of course be switched off when you’re out for safety reasons as well as energy-saving ones. And don’t leave house lights, phone chargers or other appliances on unnecessarily
  • Buy big bottles of drinks rather than several smaller ones to reduce waste
  • Christmas dinner has got to be our favourite meal of the year. Choose organic, locally-grown, free-range produce where possible, and serve on your finest china and napkins (ditch the disposables!)
  • Make the most of all leftovers for buffet food and other recipes, and compost anything that doesn’t get eaten (or give to your dog/cat if appropriate!)
  • The big clean-up: Cleaning and washing-up after Christmas parties/dinners is never that fun (or is it just us who uses every single pot and pan in the house on Christmas Day?!), but Bio-D products make it that little bit easier – and they smell rather delicious too :)

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