Greener Indigo reviews Bio-D Furniture Polish

Many thanks to Sarah who wrote this review on her fabulous Greener Indigo blog..

Bio-D Furniture Polish Spray 500 ml

Bio-D Furniture Polish Spray 500 ml

“Aah, polish.

Spray a little in a room and everyone thinks you’ve been cleaning away  - what a trooper!

Unfortunately, people come to this conclusion because of the distinctive stinky smell (and just don’t get me started on the aerosols…)

When I started my cleaning company, I quickly knew I couldn’t get away for very long without using polish. After all, a large proportion of my customer base was over 60, and they’re addicted to the stuff. Also I ended up in mansions with wood-panelling and giant wooden dining tables.

I had to polish, but I needed an eco-friendly alternative.

Now I could have made my own, but there are two reasons why I avoided this – one is that I was cleaning delicate wooden surfaces and I didn’t want to be the one ruining them by using a slightly dodgy homemade concoction. Secondly, I didn’t have the time to make such things – I was maxed out at making large batches of glass/multi surface/bathroom cleaner.

This is when I looked for ready-made & eco-friendly polish, and I found BioD.”

Click through to the blog post to read the review… it’s well worth it

Sara and Lloyd

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