Green Hull business celebrates extended Oxfam listing

Oxfam additions Feb 2015Directors at leading Hull based ethical cleaning and laundry products company Bio-D are celebrating after gaining additional listings in Oxfam.

The addition of Furniture Polish and Lime and Aloe Vera Sanitising Hand Wash brings the number of Bio-D lines in Oxfam to 10.

The complete range includes Bio-D’s environmentally responsible cleaning products, including washing up liquid, multi surface cleaner, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and toilet cleaner that are available in over Oxfam stores from Guernsey to Glasgow.

The price of the Furniture Polish is £3.79 for a 500ml spray bottle and the Hand Wash is £3.99 for 500ml.

Bio-D’s Sales and Marketing Director Sara Holtby is delighted with the business gain and said; “Oxfam and Bio-D share common values in that both businesses want to inspire people to make the world a better place and this listing is an important step towards achieving our mutual goals.”

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