Hull eco company’s 25th anniversary competition winner celebrates birthday with prize

Mr and Mrs Metcalfe toast their success in anniversary competitionThe lucky winner of Sutton Fields-based business The Bio-D Company’s competition was able to celebrate her birthday in style after winning the top prize.

The Bio-D Company, an ethical cleaning and laundry products manufacturer, teamed up with The Ramblers’ Rest in Millington to offer a two nights’ stay for the winner of its 25th anniversary competition

Alison Metcalfe and husband Kevin from Hull were picked at random after Mrs Metcalfe entered the competition ‘by chance’, and researched the company online to find the correct answer to the question ‘In what year was Bio-D founded?’

The full-time carer said: “It was really nice to stay at The Ramblers’ Rest following my 58th birthday and we were well looked after by Angela and Jeremy Sissons.

“I couldn’t fault them – Angela really was the host with the most and a highlight was the lovely evening meal by an open fire she’d set up for us. I’d like to thank Bio-D and The Ramblers’ Rest for a lovely time.”

Mr and Mrs Metcalfe visited Millington Woods and neighbouring Yorkshire Wolds villages, as well as spending time in Naburn and the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in York.

Mrs Metcalfe is now considering recommending the company’s products for her sister-in-law’s cleaning company.

Greener Indigo reviews Bio-D Furniture Polish

Many thanks to Sarah who wrote this review on her fabulous Greener Indigo blog..

Bio-D Furniture Polish Spray 500 ml

Bio-D Furniture Polish Spray 500 ml

“Aah, polish.

Spray a little in a room and everyone thinks you’ve been cleaning away  - what a trooper!

Unfortunately, people come to this conclusion because of the distinctive stinky smell (and just don’t get me started on the aerosols…)

When I started my cleaning company, I quickly knew I couldn’t get away for very long without using polish. After all, a large proportion of my customer base was over 60, and they’re addicted to the stuff. Also I ended up in mansions with wood-panelling and giant wooden dining tables.

I had to polish, but I needed an eco-friendly alternative.

Now I could have made my own, but there are two reasons why I avoided this – one is that I was cleaning delicate wooden surfaces and I didn’t want to be the one ruining them by using a slightly dodgy homemade concoction. Secondly, I didn’t have the time to make such things – I was maxed out at making large batches of glass/multi surface/bathroom cleaner.

This is when I looked for ready-made & eco-friendly polish, and I found BioD.”

Click through to the blog post to read the review… it’s well worth it

Sara and Lloyd

Thank you to Calypso Cragg and Burwash CE Primary School in East Sussex

Members of the Eco School Team

Members of the Eco School Team

We love to encourage people in general, and children in particular, to respect the environment so that we can provide a sustainable future for generations to come.  We were delighted to receive this e mail from Calypso’s Mum, Pippa:

“Calypso is at Burwash Church of England Primary School in East Sussex.  She is a year 5 pupil, and was appointed a member of the Eco School Council at her school.  They are learning about ways to help the environment and to make their school more ‘green’. Calypso and I had both had a chat about it, and one of the ways we thought would be helpful, is if the school stopped using chemical laden cleaning products.  And because we use many of your products in our home (and we love them), we thought it would be a good idea to educate the school a little on the impact of using products that are unethical and harmful, and to try introduce them to your wonderful products.”

Burwash School Thank youWe sent the school some products and were delighted to receive this delightful Thank You drawing from Calypso and the following feedback from Karen Hopkins, the Eco-School Co-ordinator:

Our Eco School committee was set up in 2011. We currently have 10 children on the Eco School committee ranging from Year 2 to Year 6. There are also 6 members of staff covering a wide range of roles. Over the past couple of years we have worked on a variety of Eco School topics including our school grounds, water, healthy living, litter, bio-diversity and waste. These topics have all been incorporated into the curriculum and the whole school works on aspects of them. Our work in these areas has allowed us to gain the Eco School Bronze and Silver awards.

Our main focus this year is energy, recycling and bio-diversity. At the beginning of the school year we completed a whole school topic on Energy which the children learnt a lot  from. We hope to gain the Green Flag award (the top award) from Eco – Schools this academic year.

The products you sent us have proved very successful in school. The washing up liquid and hand wash in particular have been used by the staff and they have commented on how long lasting and bubbly it is! Our school also runs a Forest School programme which now uses your products whilst out in the woods in order to be as eco-friendly as possible.”

Great work, Eco team, parents and supporters, we’re very proud of you!

Sara and Lloyd

Praise for Bio-D washing up liquid

“Your washing up liquid ticks all the boxes and it really is the first one I have used that doesn’t make my hands sore or dry!”


Thanks very much, Tam Morgan for your kind words on facebook.  We really appreciate all feedback and thank you for taking the time to make contact with us.

Sara and Lloyd

PS, she also said

“I’m very pleased with the laundry powder and bathroom cleaner too”


Love is in the air…

We were delighted to receive the following from Sammy Brace via our facebook page… huge thanks, Sammy!


“I think I might be a little bit in love with the Bio-D products I love the aloe-vera & lime hand wash it smells so good (plus get’s my hands nice and clean) the toilet cleaner works wonders our toilets haven’t looked this clean since we installed them 10 years ago. I also used the wash powder on my clothes and they came out so clean I couldn’t believe it they looked like new clothes! I also love the washing-up liquid as it gets the dishes nice and clean and doesn’t dry or irritate my hands like most washing-up liquids do. Also the bathroom cleaner has worked wonders on our bath seeing as it had oil and dirt marks from the dogs feet that we couldn’t get to shift now after 2 goes with the bathroom cleaner you can hardly see the marks at all! And the multipurpose spray works brilliantly on our work tops (especially after a day of coffee, tea & hot chocolate powder being spilt on the counter) they come out shiny. I love all the products I’ve tried because not only do they work, but they also don’t harm the environment it’s a win-win for me (also it’s wonderful for me to find good vegan products that I know have no negative impact on not only the animals but humans too).”


We hope that your love affair with Bio-D is a long term one!

Sara and Lloyd

PS Thanks to for the beautiful image

Do you suffer from MCS?

Those of you who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity may be interested in this post on our facebook page – thanks, Rachel!  We welcome your comments, either here or via facebook or twitter;

Rachel Jones - I love this antibacterial wash. It doesn’t make me itch. It smells lovely because it actually smells like lime rather than a synthetic version of lime which most of the other stuff on the market is like. I have MCS and Bio D make things I can use and I don’t have to worry if I’m going to have a reaction to it.

You can find out more about MCS at

Yet another satisfied customer!

“I have tried many eco washing products and my partner has not been satisfied.  I was just about to go back to traditional products when I found Bio-D and we love it!  The Washing Up Liquid lasts forever and makes everything clean and even passes the squeak test!  The Washing Powder actually washes!!”  Lucy Hilidas, London

Thanks, Lucy!

Sara and Lloyd

Anti-bacterial handwash feedback

Thanks to satisfied customer Raeann Rooms for her generous comments about our anti-bacterial  Lime and Aloe Vera handwash;

“I took the handwash to work to use in the ladies’ and they love it. It does not require that you put handcream on afterwards and smells clean and is a good consistency.”

Sara and Lloyd

PS It also makes a great Christmas present!  You can order it here