Top Laundry Bleach Tips

Thought Bio-D Laundry Bleach was just for whitening clothes and removing stains? Think again! Here are three uses for this Allergy UK Allergy Friendly Product that will offer a helping hand in other areas of the home too…

1) Remove stains cups and mugs – if your mugs are tea- or coffee-stained (we’re guilty as charged), dissolve a small amount of Laundry Bleach in hot water and soak for a while. For tough stains, scrub gently, then wash and dry as usual.laundry bleach

2) Remove mould from tiled areas – dilute a small amount into hot water and pour into a spray bottle. Apply to surface and leave for 30 minutes, then gently scrub and rinse clean for spotless bathrooms.

3) Sanitise chopping boards, bottles, toys and more – dilute a small amount in a sink of hot water and leave items to soak for 20 minutes or longer, then wash as normal. (Note: do not soak wooden items.)

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