Thank you too, Vegan Society!

002 (2)We were so touched to receive this beautiful thank you card from Laura at the Vegan Society after we donated to CEO Jasmijn de Boo’s JustGiving page for the Great Manchester 10k Run.  She completed the course in a fantastic time and we were proud to be able to help her to smash her target of £300. There’s still time to donate – simply click here.

Congratulations again!

Sara and Lloyd

Greener Indigo reviews Bio-D Furniture Polish

Many thanks to Sarah who wrote this review on her fabulous Greener Indigo blog..

Bio-D Furniture Polish Spray 500 ml

Bio-D Furniture Polish Spray 500 ml

“Aah, polish.

Spray a little in a room and everyone thinks you’ve been cleaning away  - what a trooper!

Unfortunately, people come to this conclusion because of the distinctive stinky smell (and just don’t get me started on the aerosols…)

When I started my cleaning company, I quickly knew I couldn’t get away for very long without using polish. After all, a large proportion of my customer base was over 60, and they’re addicted to the stuff. Also I ended up in mansions with wood-panelling and giant wooden dining tables.

I had to polish, but I needed an eco-friendly alternative.

Now I could have made my own, but there are two reasons why I avoided this – one is that I was cleaning delicate wooden surfaces and I didn’t want to be the one ruining them by using a slightly dodgy homemade concoction. Secondly, I didn’t have the time to make such things – I was maxed out at making large batches of glass/multi surface/bathroom cleaner.

This is when I looked for ready-made & eco-friendly polish, and I found BioD.”

Click through to the blog post to read the review… it’s well worth it

Sara and Lloyd

Can you help to raise money for the Vegan Society?

Picture1We were very proud to receive this e mail from the Chief Executive of the Vegan Society and wondered whether any of our readers would like to support Jasmijn in her race below…. we are!

“I would like to personally thank you for the Bio-D samples generously sent to us for The Vegan Pavilion at NOPE last month. We are fans, as we use Bio-D cleaning products here in the Vegan Society office, and I personally use them at home.

As one of the oldest Trademark registrees, we are very pleased to still be working alongside Bio-D for 23 years, which is why your case study is at the top of this page:

Meanwhile, after washing my running clothes in Bio-D laundry liquid this week, I’m preparing for my next challenge on Sunday. I am hoping to run the BUPA Manchester 10K, the largest of its kind in Europe, and filmed by the BBC, in 50 minutes, and I am raising funds for The Vegan Society in the process: Would Bio-D be willing to sponsor me, in kind or direct?

With our 70th Anniversary coming up in November and our 25th Trademark Anniversary early next year, we look forward to continue working together.”

Jasmijn de Boo, Chief Executive