Yet another satisfied customer!

“I have tried many eco washing products and my partner has not been satisfied.  I was just about to go back to traditional products when I found Bio-D and we love it!  The Washing Up Liquid lasts forever and makes everything clean and even passes the squeak test!  The Washing Powder actually washes!!”  Lucy Hilidas, London

Thanks, Lucy!

Sara and Lloyd

Clean up for Christmas!

Hi all

We’re delighted to bring you news of our Clean up for Christmas promotion!  There’s 20% off all of the following products from 1st to 31st December – click on the links to buy and stock up now!



1 litre Washing Up Liquid

1 litre Multi Surface Cleaner

1 litre Disinfectant

500 ml Multi Purpose Spray

500 ml Bathroom Cleaner

750 ml Glass and Mirror Cleaner