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Bio-D is a Ethical Consumer Best Buy Company

Happy New Year to all of our readers!

We hope that you will join us in helping to make 2012 the greenest year yet!

Those of you who visit our website regularly (and we know from Google Analytics that there are lots of you and the numbers are growing, so thank you!) will notice that we have a new logo on our home page – the Ethical Consumer Best Buy ‘butterfly’.

Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit organisation, owned and managed by its staff as a worker co-operative. It exists to choose genuinely effective ethical products and services and to promote universal human rights, environmental sustainability and animal welfare and achieves this by researching the social and environmental records of companies and their products and publishing this information.

Here at Bio-D, we’re proud to have been an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Company for almost 7 years with our Toilet Cleaner, 6 years for our Laundry Detergent and 5 years for each of our Household Cleaner,  Dishwasher Powder and Washing Up Liquid – that’s almost 30 years worth of Best Buys!

The Best Buy Label helps shoppers choose genuinely effective ethical products and services.

Because the Ethical Consumer is an established and trusted name within the ethical market, shoppers can be reassured that when they’re buying a product or service carrying our Best Buy Label they’re making the best possible ethical choice.  So this year, why not make your Spring clean an ethical one?

All of our products are made in the UK and are all hypoallergenic.  You can find them in independent health food shops, Booths, Oxfam, Comet and on line retailers including Big Green SmileEthical SuperstoreGoodness Direct, and Spirit of Nature.


Bio-D product review

Huge thanks to Debbie Ruppenthal (aka DR Naturegirl) who posted this on her fabulous and thought provoking blog, All Things Bright and Beautiful;

“Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am not a proponent of chemical cleaning products.  I tend to use natural cleaning ingredients where possible, and if I do use a proprietary product then I like it to have as few ingredients as possible, and none at all  that are going to do harm to the planet.

Bio-D household products have been something of a revelation.  I trialled the range of products over a couple of months, using each item in place of my normal brands, and in some cases where I don’t currently use a brand.  At an aesthetic level, I like the branding: simple containers with no fancy packaging in useful sizes.  The packaging is recyclable and made with a proportion of recycled materials. For example, the laundry liquid comes in a cardboard box and the dishwasher cleaner is in powdered form, rather than tablet, so no extra wrappings.

The company’s philosophy is to produce ‘products that don’t cost the earth’ in all senses of the phrase.  The whole range is natural and biodegradable, ethically sound and with minimal environmental impact, so certainly something you can use with a clear
conscience.   According to their ‘blurb’ they are also a UK based, family-owned company.

A lot of companies are trying to climb aboard the ‘green’ bandwagon and simply re-branding or changing the advertising angle without any real attempt to clean up the more damaging chemical contents of their products (no pun intended).  Bio-D seems to be different.  Most of the cleaners have a handful of ingredients – spelt out in longhand rather than chemical numbers-
and most of them are things you would recognise like water, vinegar, orange oiland vegetable glycerine.

All very sound, but the big question is do they work?  In short, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!  I was sceptical; I invariably am, but having tried each product I am converted!   The bathroom was my first target (I loathe cleaning the bathroom).  The bathroom cleaner seemed like the obvious choice! The instructions are to spray, leave 30 seconds and then wipe with a damp cloth.  No scrubbing involved.  I didn’t think this was very likely given the state of my soapy sink, but I followed the instructions and 30 seconds later without any effort I had a clean and shiny, stain-free sink.  Amazing! The toilet cleaner is a delight too –not adjectives I generally employ with toilet cleaners, in fact, any cleaners – if you follow the instructions.  Squirt down the loo and leave overnight; in the morning scoosh around with a loo brush and hey presto, gleaming, stain-free toilet!  I thought this might all be a bit too good to be true and decided to try the glass cleaner on the shower screen. OK, so you have to use a little elbow power to remove the smears, but actually the shower screen was fairly grotty with soap spray at the time, and it too came up sparkling without too much effort.  It also seems to need less frequent cleaning when I use this product as the soap stains don’t adhere as much.

Onto the kitchen: the multi surface cleaner works as well as the bathroom cleaner, and in fact I wonder about the need for both, as I think the multi-surface would do a good job anywhere. It certainly tackled the counter tops, the hob and the kitchen floor  fairly effortlessly, and my kitchen is no model kitchen as friends and family will attest!  I don’t tend to use disinfectant because of the harm it can do to aquatics, but the Bio-D disinfectant is a product you can use without worrying.  It’s a good general purpose disinfectant utilising the powers of eucalyptus.

The dishwasher powder and rinse aid did a creditable job with the dishes, at least as well as my current brand, although there was sometimes a reside left; on a positive note, any residue of food etc. seems to come off easily rather than be baked on hard, which is curious, but welcome.  The washing up liquid is concentrated and you only need a couple of drips for a whole bowl of dish cleaning power.  No residue and no need to rinse.  As a bonus the products have been allergy tested, so no red irritated hand either.

On the laundry front, the bleach, washing liquid and conditioner all perform as well as my current brands on a range of temperatures.  I must admit I’m not a fan of washing powder and haven’t got around to trying it yet, but I probably will  give it a go.

The polish leaves a nice shine on wood, without any nasty coating, and you barely need to use any at all.  This seem to be the case with most of the products where a little goes a long way meaning much better value all round.

I have not been paid to write this review, although I did get to try the products out.  I am not prone to praising cleaning products, but I genuinely feel that this is an effective and good value range, which you can trust to carry out the full array of cleaning across the household.  As Bio-D state, “you have nothing to lose, the earth has everything to gain”.”

Thanks again Debbie

Sara and Lloyd