Bio-D ethical cleaning products are now in an Oxfam shop near you

Hi there

We’re delighted to be able to share with you that its now even easier for you to buy our environmentally responsible laundry and cleaning products on your local high street.  You can now buy 11 of our best selling ethical cleaning products, including washing up liquid, multi surface cleaner, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and toilet cleaner from 244 Oxfam stores from Guernsey to Glasgow.  Of course, this is in addition to our extensive network of independent health food stores that are found in most towns.

We’re naturally delighted with the listing as we share common values in that both businesses want to inspire people to make the world a better place and this listing is an important step towards achieving our mutual goals.

Oxfam seem pleased too – Oxfam GB’s Buying Manager Inma Andres said; “Oxfam has chosen to list Bio-D products as they strongly fit the ethos of the everyday range in which they sit. It was important for us to offer our customers everyday essential products that are natural and biodegradable and that they can buy from their local Oxfam shop all year round”.

Check out your nearest Oxfam or independent retailer and help us to help safeguard the environment.  You have nothing to lose, the earth has everything to gain.

Sara and Lloyd