Please support World Environment Day

What will you be doing on 5th June to support World Environment Day?

Organised by the United Nations Environment Programme, World Environment Day is an annual event that aims to be the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

Now in its 39th year, World Environment Day has grown to become the one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action.

World Environment Day is a powerful lobbying initiative and it also encourages people like us to come together and to take small steps to make a cleaner, greener and brighter environment for ourselves and future generations.  We can all make a difference just by walking to work, using biodegradable washing up liquid and cleaning materials or stopping using carrier bags.

As always, we’ll be spreading the word about the environmental benefits of biodegradable and ethically responsible detergents on 5th June – please get in touch and tell us what you’ll be doing!

Have fun

Sara and Lloyd


Bio-D supports WWF

We’re delighted to share that Bio-D has joined the WWF-UK’s business club, a body that has been developed to communicate important environmental messages to the business community and to raise vital funds for the charity’s ongoing work.

Given that the environment is at the heart of everything that both Bio-D and WWF do, it seemed wholly appropriate that we should adopt them as our charity of the year, especially as it’s WWF’s 50th anniversary this year.


Real Nappy Week

Did you know that Real Nappy Week started on 16th May?

Did you also know that;

BAD NEWS According to the 2008 update to the Environment Agency’s Life Cycle Analysis Report, three billion nappies are thrown away annually and of these, 90% are sent to landfill, where they can take up to 500 years to fully biodegrade?

GOOD NEWS The report concluded that, used responsibly, real nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment than disposables?

Not only are real nappies better for the environment, but they benefit your purse/wallet too - Real Nappy Week organiser estimates that parents could save up to £500 by replacing disposable nappies for real ones for the 4000 nappy changes that are needed until the average child is potty trained.

Back in the days of the terry nappy, getting them really clean was an issue for many parents and this gave rise to the massive growth in disposable nappies, but modern fabrics and sanitizers like Bio-D Nappy Fresh means that these challenges are no longer a problem.

Available from independent health food shops and on line retailers including Ethical Superstore, Goodness Direct, Spirit of Nature and Big Green Smile, Nappy Fresh is a unique, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and germicidal sanitizing powder that washes re-usable textile nappies safely and effectively, even at low, energy-efficient temperatures.

So, please try and do your bit for the environment this nappy week – you have nothing to lose, the earth has everything to gain. Thank You.



ISO 14001 success

We’re delighted to share with you our recent success in achieving the prestigious ISO 14001 certification for our environmental  management systems.

Following an assessment by an independent body, we were awarded the certification last month for the first time in the business’s 23 year history.

Managing Director Lloyd Atkin led the drive to achieve the certification and is naturally delighted. “We have always been proud of the service we offer our clients and the way that we conduct our business with regard to environmental matters but we’re delighted that a team of experts has validated our practices.  Less than1% of all UK businesses achieve ISO 14001, so it’s great that a business of our size should be awarded it and I’d like to thank the team for making it possible. ”

ISO 14001 is a prestigious award that proves a high level of environmental systems management that is supported by the Government and recognised in over 100 countries world-wide.  It’s also a reflection of the importance that we place on matching our consumers’ needs.

We’re proud that all of our products are regularly allergy tested by an independent expert.  Products contain no petrochemicals, enzymes or animal by-products, packaging is recyclable and manufactured to contain effective levels of recycled material and, wherever possible, raw materials are from sustainable sources.  Neither products nor raw materials have been tested on animals and products are approved by BUAV and The Vegan Society.